PDM Staff (Senior & Junior)

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Mô tả công việc :

1. Execute & defined directions from managers, report to managers about the schedule, team & work status.

2. Handle & leads meeting or reports with team members to check model status.

3. Summarize the meeting summary whenever discuss with team/ customers/ suppliers.

4. Cascading the requests from managers/ customers to team members and guide team to work on it.

5. Support team members working with related departments if needed.

6. Track and follow the model’s process with team, give advice/ideas if needed.

7. Remind the team check and follow schedules, update necessary system or file correctly.

8. Communicate with HQ/ LO to clear the detail of new tech package, clarify potential quality concern and technical concern, give suggestions & solutions as needed.

9. Follow & update status, give feedback to HQ on the sample/ trial/information request.

10. Prepare bill of materials (BOM)/ specs, check labor count based to Costing 2.0 and review cost breaking down for developed models.

11. Send material orders to purchasing team & follow up on ETC/ ETA for scheduling.

12. Work with PTC team (Pattern & Tooling) to prepare pattern and tooling for development stage, while cross check with material package to solve technical concern or mass production potential risk.

13. Track and remind pattern team to finish pullover on time, cutting die & printing board, mold opening.

14. Prepare & provide materials for raw material test, send shoes for CT-09, CT-05, FGT test and Fit Wear test for developed product.

15. Work with supplier to develop new treatment/ trial/ graphic, check quality & price, lead time/ capacity if any concern (in case to case basis).

16. Work with suppliers to improve quality in case of rejected quality of material/ treatment.

17. Make, check and deliver swatch books for Warehouse to attach material. Once it is done, return them for Sample process.

18. Send BOM & Swatch book to Sample Room for sample making of official stages, update system like ETE to SAP.

19. Follow up and go to Sample Room to check on sample making process, check if any issue happens during material preparing/ cutting/ stitching/ assembling. Thinking about solutions & making decisions, suggestions are need.

20. Follow up on material order status, check ETC, step in emails to push supplier if needed/ giving direction to smoothen the process.

21. Cut and prepare materials for any Pullover/ component trials.

22. Sending shipment request to shipping team, prepare samples & documents, hangtag & pack the samples for shipments.

23. Sending the shoes to Photoshop team to take photos & short videos file for all shipping & pullover shoes & make report as PPT format to share to customers & save it in our server.

Yêu cầu công việc :

  • Having experience of brand: Nike, Adidas and Puma cleated or football shoe experience;
  • Good communication skills, in both English and Vietnamese, and comfort adapting communication style between cross-functional partners at all levels;
  • Ability to work independently under a deadline on several projects simultaneously requiring both innovative ideas and engineering problem-solving;
  • Exemplify a high tolerance for ambiguity and solution-focused attitude;
  • Detail oriented with strong organizational, work ethic, and teamwork skills.

Phúc lợi :

  • Chế độ bảo hiểm
  • Du Lịch
  • Phụ cấp
  • Xe đưa đón
  • Đồng phục
  • Chế độ thưởng
  • Chăm sóc sức khỏe
  • Đào tạo
  • Tăng lương
  • Công tác phí
  • Phụ cấp thâm niên
  • Nghỉ phép năm