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Mô tả công việc :

  • Formulation Development: Design, develop, and optimize IMEVA and rubber compound formulations to meet specific performance, durability, and cost requirements. Utilize your knowledge of polymer science, materials chemistry, and compound processing techniques to create new formulations or enhance existing ones;
  • Material Testing and Analysis: Conduct comprehensive testing and analysis of IMEVA and rubber compounds to evaluate their mechanical properties, thermal stability, chemical resistance, and other relevant characteristics. Utilize various testing methods and equipment to assess material performance and identify areas for improvement;
  • Process Optimization: Collaborate with manufacturing teams to optimize processing parameters and techniques for producing IMEVA and rubber compounds with consistent quality and performance. Identify opportunities for process improvements and implement solutions to enhance efficiency and reduce costs;
  • Material Characterization: Characterize the microstructure and morphology of IMEVA and rubber compounds using analytical techniques such as microscopy, spectroscopy, and rheology. Analyze structure-property relationships to gain insights into material behavior and guide formulation and processing decisions;
  • Innovation and Problem Solving: Stay abreast of emerging trends, technologies, and developments in polymer science and materials engineering. Apply your creativity and problem-solving skills to overcome technical challenges and develop novel solutions to enhance product performance and competitiveness;
  • Documentation and Reporting: Maintain detailed records of experimental procedures, test results, and formulation iterations. Prepare technical reports, presentations, and documentation to communicate findings, recommendations, and project status to internal stakeholders and management;
  • Collaboration and Teamwork: Work collaboratively with cross-functional teams to ensure alignment of project goals, timelines, and deliverables. Foster a culture of teamwork, knowledge sharing, and continuous improvement to drive collective success and achieve organizational objectives.

Yêu cầu công việc :

  • Graduated university majoring in science, technology, chemistry, mathematics;
  • Good at English speaking and writing.

Phúc lợi :

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  • Phụ cấp
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